The Alpha Pro Med COVID-19 Relief Fund is a monetary fund created from donations from our partners and from our own financial resources

Alpha Pro Med is committed to efforts of improving the immediate available need of Personal Protective Equipment to front-line workers and defenders. By donating 10% of our proceeds from each sale we are creating a fund that will be used for the sole purpose of purchasing the best Protective Equipment available and distributing it to users in need on a weekly basis.

We are working with healthcare facilities at a global level and other institutions focused on donating PPE at the moment to locate the facilities in most need of PPE. Our team then proceeds to locate a facility in dire need and 10% of the fund’s total account in PPE products is delivered to each facility every week. The funds used for each facility are used approximately in the following breakdown: 50% Masks, 25% Gloves, and 25% mixed items like gowns and face shields.