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Customer Service Standards

Efficiency and success of any enterprise is largely determined on the ability of PEOPLE to work together toward a common goal. We here at AlphaProMed continuously strive to improve the standards needed to deliver—or improve—our customer partners’ experience.

1. Availability

In this world of 24-7 activity, the acceptable availability standard has been raised. Customers expect information at their fingertips; when they need it and where they need it. Time is at a premium for customers and to successfully meet their needs, AlphaProMed as an organization must be available to deliver.

2. Courtesy

In creating amazing customer experiences, courtesy goes far beyond having nice manners and smiling. There is courtesy in the way our people behave that yes, includes the observable traits of pleasant tone, nice words, welcoming and friendly body language, etc. And there is a deeper courtesy that addresses thoughtful design of the way our process and our messaging is delivered.

3. Consistency

Customer partners appreciate consistency in our products and services. This challenge is met every time when our employees go out of their way to please our customer partners.

4. Accuracy

Providing correct information to customer partners—be they internal or external—is imperative to deliver at the level of service we expect from our team members. We keep it simple and have policies, place designed to ensure only the best customer service you can find. We encourage transparency and the sharing of information throughout the entire ordering or bid process.

5. Responsiveness

Readily reacting—in a timely manner—to needs or requests from both internal or external customer partners, and consistently communicating progress. We communicate with our customer partners so that their comments/requests/questions are acknowledged and followed up upon in a timely fashion

6. Efficiency

The efficient use of our customer partners’ resources: human, financial, time, etc. will inevitably lead to delivering great service.