Become an Alpha Pro Med (APM) Affiliate and learn how to enter the lucrative and necessary market for Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Supplies. APM affiliates can earn hundreds of thousands in revenue as extra income. An APM affiliate is an independent position where you completely control your time, income, and workload. Our affiliate program is comprised of four key parts:

1. Knowledge
2. Effort
3. Closing
4. Repeating

An APM affiliate is an independent sales agent contracted with Alpha Pro Med that will independently manage its time, resources, and effort put into developing his/her own successful PPE/Medical Supplies sales program!

Due to the pandemic caused by the onset of the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19, health institutions, businesses, individuals, and basically every organization on earth now is requiring PPE. By becoming an APM affiliate you will be able to sell Alpha Pro Med’s PPE and Medical supplies and help fulfill the great demand in PPE being experienced at a global level. APM in no way will require working hours, time commitments, or more to an APM affiliate, you will be able to work at your leisure. We will provide you with all the training and necessary knowledge to successfully develop your own PPE sales program allowing you to help people and organizations in need while making a living from it.

APM affiliates typically earn anywhere from 100,000-500,000 dollars per year. This figure is dependent on the amount of effort and commitment you are willing to invest in your affiliate career. Our most successful affiliates have no need of working for other employers and work only 2-4 hours per day on average.

APM provides the following, included but not limited to, in terms of resources for our affiliates:

– Training on all PPE and Medical Products
– Knowledge on all of our products, sales process, and customer sales
– 24-7 Service to help answers questions
– Help in Final Stages of Closing with Customers
– Dedicated personal affiliate app to track sales and income
– A comprehensive earnings schedule with trackable growth and un-limited earnings

To learn more about our affiliate program and potential earnings, register now and after your registration is approved, you will be notified about the steps to follow in your new lucrative career!

1) From any price on our catalogue, quote, or website, we will offer 20% OFF, and that will be the price you will use as your base price.

2) From your base price you will add the suggested markup. Depending on the item category, there will be different suggested markups


    • Price provided by APM: $100
    • Price to Affiliate: $100 – 20% OFF = $80

3) if you are able to close a sale with a prospective customer this is what
you will earn and how you will earn it:


    • Price provided by APM: $100
    • Price to Affiliate: $100 – 20% OFF = $80
    • Price affiliate was able to close the sale at to the customer: $85
    • Earnings to be paid to affiliate: $5

Your earnings will be paid 15 days after the customer receives the total amount of the goods and has finished paying Alpha Pro Med for all goods. Your payment can be issued via paypal, check, or wire transfer. You will be paid on an order by order basis, each transaction or order is different and unique and when each order is received and paid and the time period for payment processing of 15 days has lapsed, your final payment will be issued for each transaction.

Alpha Pro Med reserves the right to stop an affiliate payment on orders where there has been cancellations, refunds, or non-payment on behalf of the client.

Our training team will go over an in-depth training with you over all the types of PPE available. We will instruct you on our payment terms, delivery times, detailed requirements and provide everything in writing to you so you effectively close sales for PPE

Your Affiliate Manager will contact you with a welcome email including training materials, logins, and instructions to follow.