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Manufacturing Standards

AlphaProMed’s next-generation medical supply products will be designed and developed “from the outside in”—with patients’ and healthcare practitioners’ and healthcare facilities’ needs top of mind for R&D teams—not only “from the inside out,” with scientific advancements in product improvement as the primary focus.

And among progressive medical supply products makers today, it’s replacing classic waterfall development as the wellspring for innovation. It’s about creating breakthrough products that no one could imagine previously.

AlphaProMed has a patient-centered approach to solving complex, ill-defined problems. Multidisciplinary teams come together to conceive of new products, solutions, and supply chain solutions—asking questions like:

• Who will benefit from the product?

• What does each different group of users want from it?

• In what respects are different users struggling with products available now?

• How can we ease those pain points?

Then our highly skilled team of non-comprising designers and product engineers quickly develop functional prototypes. Team members test elements of the product’s functionality that could be valuable, such as a specific device feature—with real users. Then they draw on users’ feedback to prove or disprove the product’s value, and they iterate as needed to bring the most promising medica supply solutions to market.

All our manufacturing standards are accredited by global standard organizations and we follow only the highest organizational methodology in our plants focusing on:

• Raw material selection

• Raw material processing

• Production line assembly

• Production program and scheduling

• Final Assembly

• Testing

• Quality Control Assurance

• Packaging and In-transit Quality Assurance

• Sterilization Assurance

We follow ISO, ANSI, GMP, ASTM, AAMI and WHO standards as generally accepted and recognized principles for all steps designing, testing, manufacturing and storing of products throughout our delivery networks and production lines.