Our manufacturing plants are located all over the world and we currently count with numerous production lines such as:

– 35 Glove casting Lines

– 16 Plastic Injection lines

– 14 Assembly Lines

– 15 Quality Control Lines

– 13 Needle Assembly lines

– 39 Disposable Apparel Lines

– 8 Sterilization cleanrooms

AlphaProMed is a global company, our physical presence and community can be felt globally as we have members part of the AlphaProMed family in over 8 different countries with over 1,300 workers in production, administration, sales, development, and more.

We manufacture according to our own specifications, or our clients. We constantly develop and introduce new products to our market under the AlphaProMed family of brands, and we also white label for key partners in the industry.

All our manufacturing standards are accredited by global standard organizations and we follow only the highest organizational methodology in our plants focusing on:

– Raw material selection

– Raw material processing

– Production line assembly

– Production program and scheduling

– Final Assembly

– Testing

– Quality Control Assurance

– Packaging and In-transit Quality Assurance

– Sterilization Assurance