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Packaging Standards

Medical supplies packaging standards play a fundamental role in the safe delivery of treatment from AlphaProMed to its customer partners. For these reasons, it is important that we choose the proper packaging to ensure the integrity of all our products and to prevent damages during the distribution cycle within the supply chain.

Thus, AlphaProMed medical supplies and devices packaging requirements standards are set extremely high to protect high-value products and must also comply with health and safety regulations. Our packaging validation requirements for medical supplies and devices are important in order to comply with the approved standards for medical supply and device packaging. Our well designed packaging complies with the international regulations and are fit to pass the main testing standards.

An improperly designed and validated packaging can even derail a product, therefore a package that holds a sterile medical product not only has to arrive at the hospital or clinic free of holes, tears and/or broken seals. Our packaging is also designed to withstand sitting on a shelf, possibly for years, without breaking down. The proper election of packaging will ensure the integrity of the product and prevent damages during the distribution cycle.

All AlphaProMed’s AlphaProMed branded products will always follow the AlphaTek™ way of packing to prevent foreign particles, dust, bacteria, or any unwanted matter from entering your practice’s sterile environment.

Our products are packed in sealed containers with multiple layers.

• Every piece is individually packed in a blister

• Bundles of blisters are sealed in a heat-sealed thermoplastic bag

• Every thermoplastic bag is packed in a display box for easy stacking and retail purposes

• Every display box is packed into a case/shipping container

• Every case and shipping container is palletised and shrink-wrapped with stud protectors and placeholders to prevent damage or displace during transit.