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Public Sector

We understand the basic goals of healthcare policies and public safety supply systems are to provide access to, promote the rational use of, and ensure the quality of needed medical supplies. AlphaProMed is committed to servicing our public sector clients with the highest quality products with the most cost effective medical supply solutions, and to serve as a vital and dependable source within your supply chain.

Recent events have exposed major vulnerabilities in the public sector supply chain, making it harder to address the immediate needs of healthcare providers, patients, teachers, students, staff and inmates within the public healthcare, education and prison systems. AlphaProMed is well positioned to be your supply chain solutions partner. As your medical supplies partner we will assist you:

  • In optimising the quality of care that result in the best patient outcomes
  • Serving as a vital partner in your quality and cost performance monitoring, and care standardisation
  • Limiting your liability by ensuring you have the proper medical supplies to properly treat your patients
  • Ensuring proper and adequate safety protective equipment for patients, prisoners, students and staff
  • Inventory management

Our portfolio of products include:

  • Antiseptics
  • Apparel
  • Gloves
  • Respirators & Masks
  • Needles & Syringes
  • Waste Containers & Accessories

Our commitment is to exceed our public sector partners’ expectations and providing what they need exactly when and where they need it. We are so confident we can meet your facility needs.

Government Procurement Program

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For years, we’ve worked with government agencies to create a broad range of purchasing options that simplify the purchase of AlphaProMed products by Federal, State, County and City governmental agencies. In some cases, all it takes is a few clicks to procure what you need tomorrow.

And whenever possible, AlphaProMed does the work for you. We’ve developed a new Supply Chain Management Portal (SCM Portal) that you can use to find and purchase products for your agency’s needs. We offer flexible contracts with agencies that give you easy access to everyday products to direct sales channels, AlphaProMed offers numerous options for finding and procuring what you need. We are:

  • Competitive – Whether via competitive bid process or non-contract buys are both made using public sector principles and processes.
  • Convenient – Significant staff resources, time and expense can be saved increasing staff productivity.
  • Flexible – We can accommodate the orders of agencies/public sector organizations of all sizes.
  • Transparent – We explain each step and support our public sector agency partners throughout the entire process.
  • Compliant – Awarded contracts and non-contract buys are both designed to meet statutory, policy and administrative requirements.
  • Insightful – When utilizing the bid process, public sector agency partners have the ability to review and analyze the pricing and products before making a decision to use the contract.

Using existing contracts to procure your AlphProMed products is convenient, quick and straightforward. We work with a variety of agencies at all governmental levels to ensure that many of the products you use every day are on contract.

Since we manufacture, as well as serve as a distributor and supplier, buying through AlphaProMed ensures that you’ll consistently experience high-quality, successful transactions. You can easily “shop” via our new SCM Portal to find and order your AlphaProMed products.

Sometimes, when procuring your AlphaProMed products, your best option may be to work side-by-side with our direct sales group. We can help you solve vexing supply chain needs and complex purchasing requirements to deliver what you need efficiently and quickly.