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Relationship Management

As an organization, AlphaProMed embraces a strategy of maintaining an ongoing relationship with our customer partners. From day one, it has always been our goal to build strong lasting effective relationships with them. We understand what it means to receive your products when you expect them. Your medical supply needs are important to you, your patients and your organization.

As a customer partner you aren’t just a customer. We view our responsibility as a medical supplies vendor as a vital piece of your business. We recognize the honor you and/or your organization has given us by allowing us to be your medical supplies vendor. Not only are we thankful, we return that privilege with a commitment of providing the highest quality of products at the most cost effective price.

We here at AlphaproMed aren’t just a faceless eCommerce platform or an automated response bot. Our staff values each and every one of customer partners. Our courteous sales and customer support staff are here to help. When you request a quote, we assign you a quote reference number, explain the process for full transparency and return your quote within twenty-four hours. Our staff is available both by email and phone for ease of communication.

AlphaProMed has implemented six strategies to ensure our commitment to our relationships are kept the highest priority we:

1. Respect our customer partners’ time

2. Go face-to-face whenever possible

3. Under PROMISE and over DELIVER

4. Set mutual goals

5. Look to build credibility over time

6. Be transparent and human