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Research & Development

Explosive population growth. Aging populations. Inadequate access to quality healthcare in the poorest localities of the US. Existing medical supplies that aren’t enough.

To tackle these challenges, medical supply manufacturers will have to take a whole new approach to innovation. R&D in this space is no longer just about tweaking existing products to make incremental improvements. It’s about creating breakthrough cost efficient products and apparel that no one could imagine previously. These supplies will reinvent how healthcare is safely delivered and generate unprecedented new value for patients, providers, and payers alike—including:

• Lowering healthcare costs

• Enhancing quality of care

• Personalizing care for patients

• Making it easy for healthcare consumers as well as physicians, nurses, and technicians to use the products available to them

• Improving the odds that products in development can be handed in for regulatory approval

We meticulously tested, designed, and developed all of our products and programs by doctors, for doctors! Our research team has extensively tested on the field and in the lab the efficacy and functionality by following industry standards and exceeding them by implementing new materials, new designs, and improved techniques with the approval of practitioners all around the world.

Our research and development process is a patient-focused and doctor-tested, every single product goes through our 3 stages of research and development:

1. Specificity & Design

Each material, die, machinery, and assembling process is rigorously tested and reviewed by the world’s best clinicians. We always exceed International Standards Organization regulations and United States Healthcare CFR regulations at a minimum, but also many other clinical standards set by our Accreditation partners at a global level.

2. Lab and Field Testing & Review

Each product and program we launch into the market is reviewed by a board of clinicians, doctors, healthcare administrators and government regulatory agencies. Until each of these stakeholders approves our products and their performance, we don’t market our products, because its our responsibility to ensure the providers and the patients the consistent quality and reliability necessary to provide care accurately and safely.

3. Sampling and Approval

Before mass-manufacturing or deliver our devices we meticulously go through our final stages of tooling, sampling, and final design approvals. We make sure all dies and molds are error-free and engineered 100% to specification by testing and casting these dies with accurate measurement testing equipment. We work with our in-house quality inspection and control team that works with industry standards for sampling and testing final goods for the required performance.