Our shipping lines and partners follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines on Device trackability. Implementing business AI, and superior proprietary technology, we are able to track a device’s life from manufacturing to packing to final delivery. We focus on 3 pillars to maintain quality and transparency during our shipping process:

1. Packaging standards

All AlphaProMed products will always follow the AlphaTek™ way of packing to prevent foreign particles, dust, bacteria, or any unwanted matter from entering your practice’s sterile environment.

Our products are packed in sealed containers with multiple layers.

– Each piece is individually packed in a blister

– Bundles of blisters are sealed in a heat-sealed thermoplastic bag

– Each thermoplastic bag is packed in a display box for easy stacking and retail purposes

– Each display box is packed into a case/shipping container

– Each case and shipping container is palletized and shrink-wrapped with stud protectors and placeholders, so items do not damage or displace during transit.

2. Conditioned Environments

All of our AlphaProMed brand products are manufactured, stored, and transported in controlled environments where humidity, sunlight, corrosive gases, and other environmental factors are micro-controlled, thus preventing unwanted matter entering sterile packaging or for sterile goods to lose their sterility during transit or storage.

3. Partners

All AlphaProMed products are carried only by authorized partners who have the integrated delivery networks, 24-7 infrastructure, and trackability for you to be able to see where your order is on each step of the way.

4. On-Time Delivery

All AlphaProMed orders are handled by your relationship manager, which allows us to micro-manage, every step of your order to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We monitor on-time delivery for all of our orders equally and we never have more than 5 clients assigned to each relationship manager, so you can receive the attention and service you deserve.