Mass Production of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

AlphaProMed focuses on manufacturing PPE Gloves include but not limit to Medical Nitrile Gloves, Exam Gloves, Surgical Gloves, and more!

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Sterile Surgical Wraps, Made of 100% SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond)

  • AlphaWrap Trilaminate Sterile Wraps are ideal to enclose items during sterilization and maintain sterility following processing. Our wraps are suitable for pharmaceutical and medical devices and may be tear-, flame-, lint-, and/or abrasion-resistant.
  • Made from a medium weight SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond) polypropylene, non-woven material for strength and sterility maintenance.
  • 30GSM weight with trilaminate raw SMS creates an impermeable barrier and enables fluid protection, infectious fluids and hazards to remain contained away from the barrier.
  • Perfect for wrapping and draping in clinical and operating room settings.
  • Designed with a simple bond pattern for clear visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage, and/or sterilization.
  • Supports simultaneous double-wrapping in order help efficiency and improve productivity.
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Let AlphaProMed™ Be Your Supplier Partner of Sterile Surgical Wraps

AlphaProMedTM Your Supply Chain Solutions Partner is once again stepping up to the plate to provide desperatel needed medical supplies during a national shortage to healthcare organizations and practitioners across the US. We have Sterile Surgical Wraps in multiple sizes ready to order!

When it comes to user’s experience, do not compromise your expectations and requirements. Our AlphaWraps offer strength, drapeability, and softness. Made of 100% SMS, AlphaWrapTM offer high bacterial barrier properties, creating the most efficient, tortuous path, and acting as a filter to prevent the ingress of microorganisms.

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